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Found 7 results

  1. After a three-ish year break its back. The website lives! Today would have been a very big day. Ok so the unearthing of the - still slightly - incomplete website is pretty 'big' but I had planned to let the Typhoon 2.6 escape today. Unfortunately Ive had another week of meetings, some travel and desperate deadlines. And to top it all I've been putting together a quote for my dream 3D job. Something had to give and its was Addons. About the website Ok so its not all there, somethings still need integrating so please bear with me while it get it populated and fully integrated. There are over 500 pages already and its still growing. I'm trying to get all the downloads sorted and the relevant documentation uploaded asap. Its slow going I'm afraid, I have so much work on right now I'm only managing an hour or so a day on the site so this might take me some time to get everything up and running. I'm hoping to implement a proper Bug tracking/support system and a decent project tracker for the RKSL and IAP teams. Part of the system is there but I still need to write part of the bridging code. And free time is somewhat rare these days. Hey-ho Its been a long, long, long week here in the RKSL bunker. So much to do and absolutely not time to do it. Which means very little visual news this week. But I've been trying to write the new Typhoon documentation with limited success. Work has delayed the release somewhat but it should be ready very very soon. So with that little missive, Im off to bed and I'll post another something in a few days. Rock
  2. Anyway, i haven't wasted the last 3 weeks. Despite spending way too much time playing Minecraft with Eddie and Sekra - waaaay too much time - I've managed to get quite a lot done. But very little of it is really visual. My Hardware Woes I've largely solved my PC issues. For that last 3 weeks I've slowly been rebuilding my PC. Well to be precise I've rebuilt it about 6 times from the ground up. Swapping out either new or borrowed components in the ever more desperate search for the cause of my CTD and Random Restarts. I'll be honest I'm still not 100% certain but it looks like it was down to a combination of video and audio drivers clashing and just locking the machine. After the last OS install and slightly out of date driver setup the PC has been quite stable for the last few days. Fingers crossed it will stay that way. Loss of Comms You don't realise how much you rely on something until it's gone. I've been having Skype issues for a while now. I thought it was only a month or so but it turns out - according to Skype's customer support - it's been going on since last July. As I type this I'm waiting to hear if my normal Skype account can be saved. Its supposed to be something to do with the MSN > Skype migration. It became 'corrupt' at some 'unknown point' and has been causing problems not just for me but pretty much every server its touched. So if you have sent me a message or contact request in the last few weeks/months and not heard back from me please be patient and I'll try and get back to you asap. Progress of a sort As I said at the start my progress so far this year isn't really all that visual. I've been forced to run windows in a Virtual machine on my ancient SGI 02 workstation. Which rather ironically can't run BI's O2 modelling tool. It does run Minecraft though despite the horrifically slow CPU speed by modern standards. So progress has been more config related and more bug fix related. Work has covered about 20 projects. Mostly fixing my dodgy config and coding errors. But several SAM systems now work at least as well as the BIS ones do and should be future proof in terms of patches and updates. As long as BI doesn't change too many class names Quick fire Updates Tornado - Slow and very hard going but I have managed to make some progress with the cockpit unwrapping. I have realised that I need to re-nest the UV layout but once I get back into Modo that wont take too long. Typhoon - Everything is fixed apart from the proxy doubling bug. Since I haven't been able to run ArmA its been hard to test this but it would appear - at least its logical - that its down to a model corruption and I'm going to attempt to export and re-import that mesh a new this weekend. Christmas UAVs - There should have been a "family" of BIS-Standard enabled UAVs released on Christmas day. The reason they weren't is largely down to me having to work away in the 4 weeks run up to Christmas but my ongoing PC issues made them impossible to complete and release until now. About of a week's worth of evenings should see these done. Its mostly just textures and rvamts left. SAMs - Rapier FSC and I-HAWK should both see a (BIS standard - ie not scripted) release. Again they lack some texture work and a bit of polish. The configs are now OA compatible and should inherit all the new features as and when they get patched in by BIS. Lynx & Puma updates - As with a few other projects these now have new configs and slightly tweaked models. Folding in some of the new OA features that were missing before and making 3rd party plugins easier to use and make. Merlin HC3 - I've decided, largely due to workload that I wont update the Merlin HC3 for ArmA2. The BAF Merlin seems to be perfectly adequate for most people and the Haters seem to think its better so go for you life. The updated RKSL model will now be releasing in ArmA3. IAP for ArmA3 - Quite a lot of interesting stuff is going on here. Quite a lot of progress in the Core addon sets. But more topical is the situation in Mali. The insurgent activity and the French (in the IAPverse EU/NATO) intervention in Mali closely mirrors part of the existing story line we had planned so both Rob and myself are closely watching events with a view to some story updates and new equipment etc. Several new items have been added to the queue and we're seeing a lot of interest in partnerships for ArmA3. Which is really rather cool so early in the mod's life. So that's about it. Messiah is off Skiing. I've been incommunicado so I have no real idea what the other lads have been up to. Hopefully we'll get a more interesting news package out next week. Have Fun Rock
  3. ...well not it isn't it's just not really worthy of the name. I'll try harder next week, promise. This last week (or three) has been an awkward one for me personally hence the poorly planned update. I ts all been rather busy and not really too much fun. My dear ole' Mum has had a rough week after Radiotherapy and its left me chasing around trying to sort things out to make sure both she and her business have all that they need. So there really hasn't been too much W of the WIP being done. At least not the sort of stuff you want to see. This week I've mostly been working in my Mother's garden. The stinging nettles around here are close cousins of the Triffids. I'm sure of it. The little buggers seem to have sprouted all over the gardens literally overnight. Fixing the garden furniture ready for the impromptu BBQ season the UK is currently enjoying. And working on a rapid fix for a Frankenstein inspired 6 axis machining centre as a favour to a friend. Oh and painting the fence. And working on the RKSL Website (version 320461.04a). The fence looks lovely, I'm really proud of it. Although I have to say the "blue" wouldn't have been my first choice... So the Machining Centre is probably a more interesting topic... A Cincinnati Milacron long bed, with all manner of things grafted on to it over the years. Its a 6 axis system capable of some truly complex machining. With the right head and tool it can produce some amazingly delicate and complete parts. It was used until recently for making stringers and frames for military aircraft, something that was way beneath its true capabilities. Recently it's been used to make frames for satellites, marginally more its mete. To enable it to do this, recently it's had some "upgrades" and as with most upgrades they actually broke it. So my friend who owns the company... Ok so I had a bit of a disaster that's turned into a bit of good luck really. The website has been 'down' for over a year now. What started with a bit of corrupted data taking the front page down has evolved into a saga of epic proportions and a glowing example of "feature creep" and "how not to make a website". BUT you know all this and you want to know what is happening now... you do don't you? If you don't then probably best to Google RKSL and look at the pretty pictures. If you are interested read on. So after a failed security upgrade we're now on a completely new build again. Its actually be a bit of a godsend. The previous build had evolved over time and as such had grown into a hugely complex monster. This latest build and I pray to his Great Noodliness (Yes Im a proud Pastafarian) in the sky that it is the final build: Joomla 2.5x - Core CMS Improved Tag search system Cleaner, lighter, faster theme. Integrated Helpdesk/Support ticket system One shared logon. Website, Forums and client sites: IAP - http://iap.rkslstudios.info/ UKAF - http://ukaf.rkslstudios.info/ Tutorials IAP Subdomain UKAF Collection Subdomain Improved user groups Improved Gallery Simplified Project layouts Online Documentation for all released Projects Twitter and Facebook integration (Im not a huge fan but it was easy to do) Still to do: Release Notification System - Subscriber options Improved Downloads module. FAQ engine. So while its been vaguely "WIPpy" Its not really that interesting either...sorry about that...So here's a Panda Soldier. PS. Incidentally, the British BBQ season is now over. Its absolutely pissing down now! PPS. If you notice odd things with the forums its because i'm "tinkering".
  4. Its July and its holiday season... so we're going to have a break for a while and get back to you all when it cools down a bit. Thats all for the moment. Keep an eye on the RKSL website for more details.
  5. So BIS have released all the tools, Rock's got his life back and has an internet connection that actually works 24/7 and is actually faster than the Postman...So we're back. After a 6month hiatus for personal reasons things have finally settled down and we're slowly starting to pick up where we left off. To that end I am delighted to announce that we will soon(tm) be releasing the ArmA3 native Typhoon v3.000. All the joys of ArmA3 features and the usual RKSL ones... Fully working mirrors BIS flares Engine & Smoke effects PhysX support Tweaked Flight model Improved Air Weapons Pack All previous ArmA2 plugins brought over to ArmA3 And a few more... Frequently Asked Questions Q: Will WIP Wednesdays be returning? A: Yes but only once at the end of each month. As much fun as they were they turned into a bit of a monster in terms of time to prepare and publish. They took quite a lot of time away from the actual act of making content which wasnt the point. Q: Will you be bringing all the old RKSL content over? A: Yes, eventually. One by one we will port the existing models over and include the new ArmA3 features. The first releases will be direct ports with the basic A3 features etc. Later releases will see improvements or in some cases new models. Q: What about new content? A: Yes there will be some new content but we are going to focus ont he stuff we have shown you already in the previous WIP Wednesdays. Q: When are you going to release XXXXX addon(s) A: If you've been hanging around in this community long enough you already know the answer to that. If you are new... (Old timers all together now)... "When its done!!" Q: Whats happening with IAP? (Ilhas Africanos Project) A: We'll create a new thread for that at the appropriate time. Thats all for the moment. Keep an eye on the RKSL website for more details.
  6. Guess what Rock is sleeping on the job! He's been a rather busy bunny this week so hes not had time to get much done. He's also catching up on some much needed beauty sleep so no WIP update today. Next week though... Typhoon Release week. Only 9 days to go! Start counting...
  7. Week 13 - 2013 - Cancelled

    Sorry guys my mother has just been rushed to hospital. Catch you next week.