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Found 2 results

  1. RAF Puma HC1

    Version 1.0.0


    RAF Medium Lift Puma HC.1 Support Helicopers. The Pack includes three versions and features a new Chaff and Fare system for ArmA together with improved flight model and limited Cargo System SupportRKSL_PUMA_HC1_TROOP = Unarmed HC1 transportRKSL_PUMA_HC1_GUN = Twin GPMGs mounted in the doors.RKSL_PUMA_TIGER_UA = Unarmed HC1 transport in Tiger meet colour schemeMore information about this project can be found here.Installation:Extract the contents of the RAR file into your C:\Program Files\Bohemia Interactive\ArmA folder.Then either use a mod folder launcher or modify your start up link include the @RKSL Mod folder eg: "C:\Program Files\Bohemia Interactive\ArmA\beta\arma.exe" -mod=@RKSL -nosplash For more information about how to use and maintain mod folders check our FAQ.Included files:rksl-puma.pboMedia:View a streaming video at the rkslstudios websiteKnown issues:There are several issues with the addon. Mostly Cosmetic in nature:- All Textures are WIP and will changes- Several of the cockpit instruments are blank- GPMG has no RVMATs Requires: http://rkslstudios.info/Community/index.php?/files/file/11-rksl-flares-and-core-system-for-arma1/
  2. Version 2.0.10


    This addon is a representation of the Royal Air Force’s Puma HC1 Medium Lift Helicopter. ArmA3 will see another incarnation of the models. There will be new models and new versions using the base model both for the UK Faction and IAP mod. As with the Merlin, this is STILL a BETA. The updated RKSL Flare System meant that everything else had to be reworked and re-released. So its best just to think of this as yet another Work in progress. It is definitely is not finished yet. You'll have to wait for ArmA3's versions for that. We hope you enjoy it. Features RKSL Dynamic Rotor System (DRS) - Fully animated pitching rotor blade movement. Armed and Unarmed versions Changelog 2.010RC - 10-07-13 - ArmA2 Final Release 2.000RC - 24-12-09 - ArmA 2 Public Release 1.901IB - 28-09-09 - ArmA 2 Internal Flight Model Testing 1.896IB - 28-09-09 - ArmA 2 Internal Flight Model Testing 1.500EB - 11-06-09 - ArmA 2 External Private Beta Testing version 1.402EB - 21-04-09 - ArmA 2 External Private version 1.300IB - 05-03-09 - Internal Beta Testing version 1.210IB - 11-02-09 - Internal Testing version 1.000EB - 25-12-08 - First Release Notes There are a few known issues. Please check the Bug Tracker on the RKSL site before posting. All Textures are WIP. Several of the cockpit instruments are blank Cockpit textures are really crap Cockpit SMDI is too shiny GPMG has no RVMATs GPMG Texture is poorly optimised. AI pilots get a bit excited and fly erratically at low speed. This has been reduced in this version but it is still possible. REQUIRES: RKSL Flares and Core System v2.04 or higher.