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Found 3 results

  1. Several people have been asking for an AW159 update. I don't have anything pretty that demonstrates progress so here is the Project summary sheet. Phases: ALPHA : Two blocks to reach alpha. #1 Model/Script/Config created and #2 ingame = Alpha. BETA: Three blocks. #1intial Testing #2 Reworks #3 Testing. If the testing fails it reverts to the previous block. RC (Release Candidate): #1 Textures and Scripts working as spec. #2Play testing. #3Reworks and improvements. GOLD: #1 Final release standard QA #2 Play testing #3 Reworks and improvements. PUBLIC: Final QA phase and that's it for release. All the bars go green and it out for release. NOTES: The winch option is reliant on a script that is only just a simple concept at this time and may not make it into the first release. I haven't done the AH1 model changes yet because there is no point until the HMA2 is complete as the AH1 is pretty much a HMA2 with bits deleted. The CRV7 and LAU pods are still in RC as the pods need repainting Torpedos and Depth Charges are not show as they are not working at this time and will be included at a later release when ive got a decent solution for them. Hope that satisfies. Rock
  2. Wildcat Progress

    Making some progress on the Wildcat interior. About half way through the High Res interior texturing now. Still some reworks to go and some more detailing.
  3. Hits: 1961 Have you ever had someone say "Don't tempt fate" and ignored their advice and lived to regret it? Guess where I am...that is right, hospital. I tempted fate with last week's final "I'll probably be dead by lunch time with my luck." comment. I so wish I'd kept my big gob shut. I'm not going to go into details as to why I'm here but it is personal, unpleasant and i'm in the market for a comfortable rubber ring. Lets leave it there. Moving swiftly on... due to unforeseen circumstances...again I'm unprepared for Wednesday WIP yet again. I have my trusty Dell XPS16, my crappy 3G dongle and VPN connection to my home network. But a shockingly low speed connection due to poor signal quality. I'm running at about 56-64Kbs. Dial up era speeds. So this isn't going to be the most graphical of updates. Even doing this remotely via my desktop to take advantage of my home's broadband line its horribly slow going. Since I haven't got much progress to show you this week, im showing you another project we have lined up for ArmA3 and the "2020 plan". Agusta Westland AW159 Lynx Wildcat BIS already made one of these for BAF, but being a fussy sort of bloke I didn't like how it turned out. I'm hoping the BIS guys don't hold this against me. But the model wasnt quite right. And to be fair to them when they started making it they only had a handful of the CGI mockup images to work with... Now that the real aircraft is flying around for all to see you can see the differences. You can call me a "rivet counter" if you want but my background is Aerospace Engineering and details matter to me. And being a bit of a Westland Lynx 'fan' I wanted to have a good crack at the Wildcat and do it properly. I started the model about the same time BAF was announced and after its release my own model just sat dormant for a while. I'm not going to say it was from lack of interest but more from other distractions. The AW159 is one project that while it hasnt moved/progressed for a while I cant bring my self to move off the active list. I just like it The BIS model was nice, fun to fly and perfectly practical ingame. But the inaccuracies bugged me. The tail rotor housing and boom was wrong, the engine covers and exhausts looked a bit 'wrong'. Not huge things but it still bugged me a bit. I always feel bad criticising other people's models but I genuinely wanted BIS to get BAF right. I offered my own research info and advice at the time but it was a bit late in the day to get significant changes made. But I'll give BIS and especially Ivan and Damu full credit they were more than happy to take advice. Not many companies that will do that. The Wildcat itself isn't a huge departure from the older Naval Lynx HMA8 in concpet and design. And as a result its come under fire for its limitations but its going to be a part of both Royal Navy and British Army inventories for a long time to come so its going to be a key model to make for ArmA3... atleast for me. The current model is going to get overhauled. I've gotten access to some nice pics of the real aircraft now so I can see a number of areas that need re-making. I'm also hoping that with ArmA3's new render to texture and PhysX features we should be able to get some pretty funky features built into this. Right now the real AW159 is undergoing trials and training workups, as more pictures leak out into the unrestricted internet expect to see more WIP updates for the Wildcat. I'm going to take my time on this one and get it right. Right thats it. Its taken nearly 2 hours to edit and upload 5 pics on this connection so I've had enough of fighting with 3G I'm going to sign off and see if I can get that lovely blonde student nurse to give me a bed bath. Have fun Rock PS the other pics...