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Found 3 results

  1. Yet another quick update. Ok so it’s not so quick and it’s not exactly what I was planning on talking about. This was going to be about helicopters. According to the plan, it should be about the helicopters but when I sat down to write it there simply wasn’t much interesting to write about. Simply put, things are proceeding slowly. They just arent visually interesting. Unless you want to know about hitpoints, rvmats and config settings. Woe is me. I’ve had some problems with my main PC recently, three hard drives dying one after another. Had to swap out the motherboard too, headset died, driver issues all sorts plaguing me. I’ve still got one bug that I just can’t shift. Random lock up – everything freezes and there is no coming back. You have to reset and it leaves nothing in the event logs. So, you can imagine, confidence that the system won’t just die on me when I’m baking or just modelling something isn’t too high. Progress has been slowed. But things are moving. The helos will follow soon enough. The LPD is still causing me no end of grief. Scripts, alignment, poly counts, proxies, damage simulation. Oh, woe is me, just don’t even go there. Typhoon is paused while i sort out the Air Weapons - more on that below. Helos are a bit tedious - all the unseen slog of damage, rvmats and texture tweaking. And a lot of other stuff. Hawks are flying So recently, I’ve been playing around with the Hawk T1A. Mainly because I had reached a point with the Typhoon that i didnt want to mess with the model and setup. It became obscenely complicated because of the pre-Jets DLC menu system I'd been developing I didn't want to deal with untangling all the bits while I tried to work out the new features. So the Hawk T1A has become my testbed for the new feature set. Success, mostly In this we have Success! Woohoo. If you aren’t a modder yourself you probably aren’t aware of some of the issues aircraft modders have been facing. The physX on the planes is a pain in the arse. The majority of people I’ve spoken too are having problems with it. Using Firewill’s tutorial doesn’t seem to help either. Mad things happen to the Hawk and others when I try to use it. I must be missing something but no one I know has got it working properly yet. I’ve had some ‘fun’ with the ejection seat setup too. Attempting to follow BIS’s setup didn’t work. First it was, "there is no seat". Then we had, "We have a seat but no pilot". Then we had "Spinal comression, my head is under my arse" (No jokes please) and finally we had sucess, albeit pressed a bit too far into the seat. Eddie aka WLD427 managed to sort it out for me in the end. As well as some problems with the ADEN 30 mm cannon pod on the Hawks. It proved a very frustrating setup but satisfying in the end. Without his help, I’d have gone back to making Rubber Ducks. It was just that frustrating. Down the Rabbit hole But it has led me down a huge rabbit hole or Air Weapons. I can’t tell you how much of a surprise this has been. Messing around with the Jets DLC has shown me that I needed to re-think some of my addons. Especially the weapons use. Then setting up the Hawk to use the new pylon system just pulled the rug out from under me. I’ve had to re-work and re-config all my weapons and make pylons, racks and rails for them. Given I had over 150 items in the pack to start with I now have 189. Some of which – like the rocket pods – I’m just going to have to remake. Sounds like fun doesn’t it. Given the Air Weapons pack is common to 80% of the addons sat in testing folder and since I haven’t yet find a way around actually doing the work properly. (Although, If I’m honest I’ve tried) ; I need to sort the pack out first. before trying to add the pylons setup to everything else. Procrastination is a true artform when done properly. And with that insightful note. I leave you be. Think of me sloggin through thousands of lines of config setting up all the weapons. Lots and lots of weapons... Have fun because one of us needs to. Rock 15 Aug 2017
  2. Its been another busy week for the team. So much so that i'm really not able to do it all justice in a quick wip report. So I'm not really going to try. I'm just going to pick out some of the visually more interesting things. Lights! - Light Tower for a new generation - Get it? I've previously mentioned these last year in the Projects that time forgot post. I've been messing with the textures this week and consolidating some of the other objects for IAP into a single pack. Its all very daft but I loved it for the flaws in the first model from OFP times. So much so that I'm not fixing a single flaw. Just wait until one passes you going the other way at 100kph! Power - Even more missiles for the OPFOR Earlier in the year I added some Russian missiles and bombs to the Air Weapons pack. Now we're adding some Israeli and Chinese versions to support not only the J-10 but loadouts for other "international" aircraft. This is the Python 3 which is also made under licence by the Chinese as the PL8. We'll also be adding a few other missiles to provide balance for the western versions already in the pack. Action... Foxhound in game! And Finally, and far more impressive than anything else shown today is Messiah's utterly beautiful Foxhound... in game! Messiah has been banging (his head) away getting the textures and rvmats done. Da12th has made the anims and I've been helping debug the geo Lod and model.cfg. Its just so beautiful it makes me want to cry... I couldn't choose just 3 pics so you might as well have the lot! I've still got a load of things rolling steadily towards completion but its probably best to leave those for another day. Have fun. Rock, Messiah, Da12thmonkey and UNN. PS I've finally squished all the bugs on the Typhoon... guess what that means!
  3. It's been another week of computer woes. But not so bad actually. I replaced my boot drive with another 1TB Samsung I had in the cupboard and my main PC's stability improved. But it is still crashing so it's another "little bits and pieces update". This week it's SPEARs. Not the long, sharp pointy things - although that would be interesting to see how we could get that working... might have to check out that Roman mod I saw last week but no its something a bit more modern. Selective Precision Effects At Range, SPEAR for short. It's the name for a weapons development program for the RAF. There are 3 capability phases: Initial Development Object Brimstone 2 - The Demonstration and Manufacture (D&M) contract will increase the missile's performance "significantly", and convert the warhead and rocket motor to use insensitive munitions (A more stable explosive and rocket motor to reduce risks in handling and carriage). Brimstone 2 will have an improved seeker, a more modular design and improvements to airframe and software for "an overall increase in performance with improvements in range and engagement footprint". It is expected to enter service in late 2013 Capability 3 (formerly SPEAR Drop 2). This requires a 75 miles (121 km) range missile with a 100 kilograms (220 lb) warhead to be integrated onto the F-35 Lightning II. Spear 3 may use some modules from Brimstone, and will have flight trials by 2014. It's a 100kg class weapon powered by a turbojet engine. The exact details are still pretty vague but this is likely to be the UK F-35's main tactical air-to-ground weapon for some years to come. Potentially replacing the role of Brimstone and the already retired Maverick (The Harrier GR9 was the only UK aircraft cleared for its use) and will probably see service on the Typhoon and Tornado as well as a number of UCAV's emerging in over the next few years. Designed for attacking high threat targets from a safe distance the SPEARs are being billed as the next big thing in weapons for 4th and 5th Generation aircraft alike. The current requirement has the SPEAR 3 missile carried in packs of 4. Each pack designed to fit inside the internal bays of the F-35B much like the BRU-61 rack and GBU-53 Small Diameter Bomb II arrangement for the F-15 and F-22. But CGI renders/pics have also emerged of the Typhoon carrying 16 SPEAR3s and fuel tanks. Just to give you an idea of scale the image below shows the Tornado GR4 lower weapon pylon. Each SPEAR is less than 2m long and 0.18m diameter plus the wing pack obviously. Much smaller than the Maverick it would arguably replace. Mounted 'upside down' the weapon is dropped like a conventional bomb. Internal gyros and control surfaces then spin the weapon 180 degrees as the wings and tail planes deploy. Unlike the GBU-53 SDB, the spear actually has its own jet engine which can propel it at high-subsonic speeds for up to 75km before striking the targets. The SPEAR3 is either GPS or INS guided and can be used to attack fixed and moving targets. With the coordinates updated via the parent aircraft or by an observer UAV or AWACS aircraft enroute. If the claimed performance actually turns out to be true it's rather cool and a little scary when you think about it properly. So that's it for this week. Another short and sweet one but hopefully next week should see a return to the planned schedule. Have fun PS On the issue of scale: The Stormshadow is a bit like a sledgehammer. Meant for killing large buildings and hard strategic targets. Weight 1,230 kilograms Length 5.1 metres Diameter .48 metres SPEAR3 is more of a scalpel. I surgical strike weapon for taking out individual vehicles and objects like radars etc. Its more in the Maverick class of weapon. Weight ~100 kilograms Length ~2 metres Diameter .18 metres Rock