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  1. Several people have been asking for an AW159 update. I don't have anything pretty that demonstrates progress so here is the Project summary sheet. Phases: ALPHA : Two blocks to reach alpha. #1 Model/Script/Config created and #2 ingame = Alpha. BETA: Three blocks. #1intial Testing #2 Reworks #3 Testing. If the testing fails it reverts to the previous block. RC (Release Candidate): #1 Textures and Scripts working as spec. #2Play testing. #3Reworks and improvements. GOLD: #1 Final release standard QA #2 Play testing #3 Reworks and improvements. PUBLIC: Final QA phase and that's it for release. All the bars go green and it out for release. NOTES: The winch option is reliant on a script that is only just a simple concept at this time and may not make it into the first release. I haven't done the AH1 model changes yet because there is no point until the HMA2 is complete as the AH1 is pretty much a HMA2 with bits deleted. The CRV7 and LAU pods are still in RC as the pods need repainting Torpedos and Depth Charges are not show as they are not working at this time and will be included at a later release when ive got a decent solution for them. Hope that satisfies. Rock
  2. The GPMG saga continues.

    The GPMG saga continues. Last night I discovered the dims on the original rounds and ammo box were out. Which led me to remake the rounds, link, box and adjust the model some more (changes the UV). One step forward, two back. ? #rksl #wip #arma3official
  3. Actually its BI problem. check the stock UAVs. They all do it. In the unreleased version i've deleted the lights completely.
  4. Anti Collision Lights always visible Likely cause: Simple object Model.cfg section fat fingers. View full bug
  5. Anti Collision Lights always visible Likely cause: Simple object Model.cfg section fat fingers.
  6. Yes I know yet another project but its not as bad as you may think. Im sick of the GPMG and M3M Loding. Its not fun so been taking a break = New Merlin HC4, interior progress...nowhere near done. Proper WIP update soon. #wip #rksl #MerlinHC4 #arma3official
  7. Wildcat HMA Mk2

    Yes they are going on the LCVP. The final planned update for the LCVP has me fixing a few things and some texture tweaks and adding in a version with the GPMGs on the shielded mounts. Personally i dont like them. They are so hard to use when its rough as they aren't as flexible as FFV turrets In testing no one wanted to use them but you can see for yourself soon.
  8. Wildcat HMA Mk2

    LMAO the BI "wildcat" has been triggering me since i first saw it in ArmA2. You are not alone. My Wildcat is coming along slowly. its at the frustrating stage of fixing all the niggles and bugs is just taking time. Often fix a bug and 3 more popup. I'm just doing the guns and the last few modelling and config bits. You can see some of the later updates on Twitter or Facebook. I've had to make a whole new GPMG for it. Same with the M3M. It is dependant of my free time and motivation. Both of which depend on the day.
  9. GPMG v3: SMDI Textures

    I have a headache from banging my head on the desk. I really hate making SMDI textures. ??? #rksl #wip #arma3official
  10. Slowly, slowly, painting monkey. GPMG is getting closer. Working my way through all the components and detailing. #rksl #wip #arma3official
  11. GPMG v3: After 30mins in Substance. I'm not unhappy. Still lots more to do. ? #rksl #wip #arma3official
  12. Making HAM - HX Trucks Family Update

    Ah! ok. There was a proposal put forward for a Palletised Tomahawk battery a while back. Bit like the Exocet Coastal defence batteries. I did wonder. Its a shame that the ArmA game engine does not support towing else i would have made a trailer for it already. There are some towing solutions out there but they are scripted and lag like nobody's business at any sort of speed.
  13. There has been a lot of interest in the HAM Trucks. More than I actually thought there would be, with lots of questions, suggestions and offers to test etc. So, I thought it would be good to do a bit of an update. People asking about the Wildcat and a few others, I’ll cover those in another post. If you are lucky enough to be part of our Test Group or managed to get your hands on a leaked version (The leaker has been found and disposed of) you may have seen some of this already. HAM? Are you dyslexic? No I am not dyslexic. Some people have said the name change is about Copyright (its Trademarks if i'm being picky) but this isn't entirely true. It is a long story, from a long time ago. But it came about during a research phone call with MAN trucks PR team. Partly to ask for info but to also confirm their policy on the use of MAN trademarks in non commercial ways. I had previously emailed but after a week i decided to chase it up. To cut a long story short I was asking for information on the HX and SX series trucks and the person I was talking to got very snotty with me. Very Rude, I was polite but persistent and the call eventually ended with her calling me 'an ignorant pig' and slamming the phone down. So now we have HAM trucks brought to you by an 'Ignorant Pig'. PS I did speak to the actual PR Manager afterwards and he apologised and sent me a tonne of info and some MAN Goodies but I like the name so much I've stuck with it. By that I mean HAM not Ignorant Pig HAM Status – What’s going on? It’s getting there. Progress is slow and steady. The problem with making a mod is that once the visual model is done everyone thinks that’s it. Its ready to release. Sadly, it’s not that simple and explaining that is something I seem to do a lot of recently. Once the model is done you need to animate it. Even then you’ve still got the other LoDs to do. Each LoD is supposed to be 50% of the faces of the one before it. This takes time to do properly. In the earlier lods you don’t want to go too far as you lose too much detail as that will cause obvious transitions and ‘popping’. Next is the Geometry (Collision detection LoD) and PhysX Geo, View Geo, Fire Geo and Hitpoints… and once all that is done. Testing, scripting, tweaks, reworks based on feedback… and…and…and…you release it. Then everyone finds the bugs you missed. AND if you are lucky, they actually come to you and tell you about it… if you are lucky. So be nice, be patient and see what happens. What different kinds of HAM are we getting? There are four different kinds of chassis types planned and each should come with different flavours: 1) 4x4 HX60 Troop – 14x cargo slots Cargo – General Cargo ‘Prime mover’ – Platform to form the basis of several optional payloads planned for future applications and uses. Arguably the common workhorse, doing many different roles through the British Fleet. There will be a Troop-carrying version that will have Driver + 2 in the cab and 14x Cargo Seats in the rear. The Cargo version will have an open back with panel sides. How this is going to work is still something I’m trying to work out. Time will tell. 2) 6x6 HX58 Cargo – General cargo not a troop carrier Unit Support Tanker – Refueler The HX58 is big brother of the HX60, it uses the same suspension system but its taller, has larger and more wheels, carries more weight than its little brother. This means that its ideal for special purpose roles such as the Unit Support Tanker. 3) 8x8 HX77 EPLS (Reserved #1 for something special) (Reserved #2 for something special) The largest of the HX chassis system the HX77 is the heavy load carrier of the fleet. In the real world there are several cargo versions but since that should be well catered in game with the HX58 I’ve chosen to focus on the EPLS version. This is the Enhanced Palletised Load System, the replacement for the aging but very successful DROPS system. EPLS also allows for standard ISO Containers to be loaded without special equipment which DROPS did not. Obviously giving operators far more flexibility on operations. Obviously, you can see the HX77 model isn't complete at the time i'm writing this. The chassis needs adding, but the reason for this is simple. Optimisation, I'm trying to get as many versions as possible, with the most detail out of the fewest possible textures. As such i'm taking my time to get the chassis right so you don't see too many odd texture matches or seams. Returning to in-game capability, I had hoped that Vehicle-In-Vehicle would be a perfect solution to this, and to some extent it is. Unfortunately it seems you can’t animate the ViV points after Init. Which means although I spent a week making a lovely, fully animated system for it before I tested that. I probably should have proven the concept first (Hindsight is a wonderful thing) It is incredibly disappointing to find that you simply cannot animate it. @Bohemia, any chance you can fix that? I've tried several other non-scripted methods, physX and geo cages, roadways with mixed success. Until I can come up with another solution, I’m just going to leave the VIV option in there. Off the back of the EPLS project there will also be several objects that allows you to setup FARPs and FOBs. Fuel Racks, Repair Workshops, Medical bays etc. As well as various shelters and systems that can be carried either on the DROPS pallets or directly on the backs of the Trucks themselves. Most of these will serve a practical purpose, others may just be props. I'm Not sure yet. BELOW : Dismountable Fuel Rack - You can see these at various places in FOBs around Afghanistan and Iraq. They serve as a semi-permanent but still moveable fuel station (Bit of an oxymoron i know) complete with pumps and hoses needed. Tankers are a limited resource. This is a cheaper way to deploy a fuel reserve into the field and not tie up a tanker. It makes sense to produce a flexible multipurpose truck and drop these 'modules' off where needed than it is to buy a tanker for every base that needs one. FUTURE PLANS I think its obvious that this is a big pack and a lot of time and effort has gone into it. So I hope you understand that not everything may be available immediately. Time constraints are a real issue here as is my ability to get everything scripted perfectly. If my free time and testing goes well everything should come out in the first release. If not then there will be a future updates. In ArmA we have 3 types of Supply Truck: Ammo, Fuel and Repair. The Cargo variants will have the option to load Ammo resupply pallets onto them. The Unit Support Tanker and the EPLS with the Demountable Fuel Rack takes care of the Fuel option. This leaves Repair. Now I've spent a lot time talking with players asking what they want and how they want things to work. Most feel the "Magic repair truck" feels a bit like cheating...but its useful. Other want something more practical. I am going to try and cater for both. The magic option will be part of the first release. The more 'practical' option will likely come a little later. 4) 8x8 SX45 – Future addition SX45 Wrecker/Recovery This probably won’t be immediately available. While is does look very similar its actually a different cab and suspension setup. And the rear structure and crane represent a lot more work. It may take me a little longer to get this in game and working how I want. It will fulfil the role of the repair truck with a few extras if I can get it working… since the EPLS/ViV issue bit me in the arse I don’t want to commit to all the details just yet but I'm hoping to make it a bit special. So that is it for today. I hope you liked it and it answers some questions. Have fun Rock May 2019
  14. Making HAM - HX Trucks Family Update

    Thanks Srap. I'm pretty close to pushing out the initial BETA. I'd be interested in what you think of the performance and handling. A couple of mates have given me a tonne of reference pics. Once the Phase 1 pack is out I may expand the scope of the phase 2 pack if there is a demand and i can make something practical. HAM Phase 1 HX60-Troop, HX60-Flatback/viv, HX58-Flatback, HX58-UST, HX58-Magic Ammo Carrier, HX77-Magic Repair HX77-Static EPLS ViV Phase 2 HX77- Hopefully fully working EPLS - Physx system HX77- CAMM/Landceptor HX77- Giraffe 3D SX45- Wrecker Is the MMT version you mention the proposed Multi Mission Tomahawk package? I didn't think it was past the drawing board stage.
  15. Foxhound -Front wheel clip

    Changed Status to Closed
  16. Changed Status to Closed
  17. When its idle there is no engine sound, when the vic is moving you get sound, however not when you stop, and keep the engine running View full bug
  18. When its idle there is no engine sound, when the vic is moving you get sound, however not when you stop, and keep the engine running
  19. Changed Status to Fixed
  20. Changed Status to Closed
  21. TheNightstalk3r 10 hours ago could we possibly get the armed/unarmed with the different skins are separate objects? Any settings vanishes upon respawn and kinda makes the vehicle useless in terms of persistent camouflage View full bug
  22. TheNightstalk3r 10 hours ago could we possibly get the armed/unarmed with the different skins are separate objects? Any settings vanishes upon respawn and kinda makes the vehicle useless in terms of persistent camouflage