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  1. NEW VERSION RELEASED Admins: NEW server side key! V3.111 - Extended duration upto 5 hrs flight time - Ground Control Shelter - 3Den Attributes Panel - SAR Radar - See diagram - Visual and IR Sensor Ranges changed - Datalink range to 16km http://bit.ly/2VFiGYu #rksl #Arma3
  2. The Aircraft creeps forward when placed on the ground in the editor. Only happens with PhysX Wheels. View full bug
  3. The Aircraft creeps forward when placed on the ground in the editor. Only happens with PhysX Wheels.
  4. Fixed in 3.071 Fixed in late 2018 - bug report not updated
  5. So it's a bit after 0400 but the Pacific 24 is fully in game. Very happy with how this is proceeding but there is still lots to do. Some texture tweaks, materials, glass and config bits. But I'm a happy bunny. #wip #rksl #Arma3
  6. Ok so I'm midway through texturing the Seats and Pedestal. Still got some labels and tweaks to go but its heating in the right direction I think (Apologies it's not rendered in exactly the same way but Substance is being awkward and crashing when i try to render) Stuff happens
  7. Yet more Pacific 24: Seating, controls and pedestal now dropped into Substance. Just the basic materials applied. #wip #rksl #Arma3
  8. Pacific 24 Hull dropped into Substance. And about 45 mins work so far. But its taken about 4 hours to get in as Substance keeps crashing on baking. #wip #rksl #Arma3
  9. Pacific 24 Just about to drop it into Substance. Missing some detail but there is space for them on the UV. #wip #rksl #Arma3
  10. return to 4am baking...

    A return to 4am baking... well unwrapping Pacific 24 7.8m Rib for the Royal Navy ships we have in WIP. #wip #rksl #Arma3
  11. DS30B - In Buldozer - Nearly there now. Working on animations and materials tweaking #wip #rksl #Arma3
  12. DS30B - Bit more progress

    DS30B - Bit more progress - Some Labels applied. More detailing to go. #wip #rksl #Arma3 DS30B - Even more progress - I've been asked why I'm posting unfinished shots. The best way I can think of to demonstrate progress is showing shots at various stages of development. ? Proper update article coming soon #wip #rksl #Arma3
  13. DS30B - Bit of progress

    Bit of progress since the earlier pics. Now ready for Pre-Paint and detailing to begin. These shots are In Substance with just basic materials applied. #wip #rksl #Arma3
  14. Late night job #5311: DS30B

    Late night job #5311: DS30B - 30mm Cannon for the RN Ships. The later version of the DS30M with the Bushmaster will follow at some point. And there will be a version with the Enhanced config, the one with the martlets #wip #rksl #Arma3
  15. I discovered a new forum - at least previously unknown to me - where someone was loudly broadcasting his mistaken belief that I have lied about the LPD. So for my loyal and possibly disloyal followers is the old ALPHA ingame. Its fair to say my focus has been a bit all over the show recently. And that's for various reasons you aren't really interested in. But needless to say the LPD has never really been out of WIP. Its just been slow going. Trying to find ways around the game engine limits and issues. Right now the main issue is roadways. For those not of the modding persuasion these are the defined areas that you may walk or drive upon in a model. Now the issue here is that once you place a roadway on top of another the game engine doesn't like it. At least for some things. So lets imagine this. Each deck has a roadway: _______________ Flight Deck _____________ _______________ Deck 1 ________________ _______________ Well deck ____________ \___LCU MK10____/ or \__LCVP__/ Either a Vehicle-In-Vehicle enabled LCU or LCVP carrying a vehicle enters the well deck. Try to unload and the game engine can't work out which deck to put it on and spawns it (typically) off to the right of the ship above the water. You are now down one vehicle. This is a bit of a problem, Its one that can't be solved when using VIV without a game engine change. The fix is to rely on PhysX. Now this comes with problems too. Depending on the speed of your PC results may vary. Dodgy physx calcs can result in the LCU and vehicle its carrying being fired across the map... cue hilarious A3 video montage of flying tanks and subs. etc. Aside from the usual issue of geometry limits, dodgy configs, scripting and a myriad of other things this problem is the reason i haven't released the LPD or had much motivation to work on it as a priority. Anyway, here's some WIP pics. I was asked about how practical it is. The answer is that you can get a full size HAM HX60 or HX58 down the flight deck ramp. You can fit 4x LCU mk10s in the welldeck and it carries 4x LCVPs on the davits...Practical enough?
  16. If you follow any of our social media or are part of the RKSL Discord you may have already seen some or most of these. But may not understand whats actually going on. Recently MikePhoenix approach me asking about doing a joint project. A completely new Queen Elizabeth carrier. Something we both think the game needs. The more British kit the better. Now this is a big project. Its over 280m long, 73m wide, Is a bloody awkward shape to model and it's going to use a lot of polygons. Mike and I are splitting the load between us. Mike is doing the two islands and I'm doing the hull. After that we are sharing the load and making parts and details as needed. To answer some of the questions people have already asked. Q1) Will he have a hanger deck? A1) Yes. Q2) Will it have capaults? A2) Yes and no. The real carrier does not. but due to game engine/AI limits there will probably have to be a "'mock' catapult so that mission makers can launch planes etc. Q3) Does the ramp actually work? A3) Yes. But there are limits. Planes either need to be given reinforced landing gear and setup for it or be speed limited to prevent explosions. Q4) Will it be moveable? A4) No, its simply too big its a static object just like the BI Carrier. Q5) Will it have all the rooms and bays? A5) Nope. it's just too much work to do that. but it will have some keys areas, the Hanger deck, briefing rooms. Boat bays and other practical areas. Q6) Is it going to be armed? A6) Yes, Phalanx, 30mm Cannon, GPMG and if we get time M134 Miniguns. Q7) Do we get an F-35B with it at release? A7) Probably not at the same time. But there is one coming. Check out Mike's Twitter for updates from him https://twitter.com/MikePhoeniX and mine from me. https://twitter.com/RKSL_Rock And feel free to join our discord channels for the latest stuff. RKSL Discord - https://discordapp.com/invite/YegMy24 Mike's Polygon Factory - https://discord.gg/nxxMRZG Thanks for looking. Mike and Rock
  17. MikePhoeniX & I are working on a brand new Queen Elizabeth Carrier model and I needed something to test ramps and STOVL setups with. So I dug out my old Harrier GR9 #rksl #wip #arma3 #testing
  18. V3.070 - Fix for the Fix

    AW159 V3.070 Now out on steam!
  19. bin\config.bin/CfgMovesMaleSdr/States/RKSLA3_AW159_Pilot.interpolateTo: Bad move RKSLA3_AW159_Pilot_Dead View full bug
  20. bin\config.bin/CfgMovesMaleSdr/States/RKSLA3_AW159_Pilot.interpolateTo: Bad move RKSLA3_AW159_Pilot_Dead
  21. The current model is the original dev build while the RN uses a new more aerodynamic wing with a pitch and different profile. View full bug
  22. The current model is the original dev build while the RN uses a new more aerodynamic wing with a pitch and different profile.
  23. Its out. AW159 Wildcat BETA. (It my Birthday and I'm feeling generous-ish) #rksl #wip #beta #release #ArmA3official https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1852631379