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  1. Starting 2020

    I had a bit of a bad few months before xmas. Lot of hospital time But I'm getting back on track now. The promised updates are coming along and will escape soon. New stuff is making it ingame together with some new stuff too. #backtobusiness #rksl #arma3 Going to be a fun year ? NEW - WAH-64E Well, its less 'new' but and more a case of here's one I made earlier. its an older model im just bringing upto a3 spec with new uv map and textures. Straight away let me just say its the British Version, the Westland AH-64 Apache. hence the WAH-64. There's some extra lumps and bumps that other versions don't have. It will be uprated to the new E-Guardian spec. With the new M-TADS etc. And at first at least I DO NOT plan on doing any other versions. It may come later but for now I'm focused on British Kit. NEW - Chinook HC5 and 6 After helping a couple of people try and wrangle the BIS Chinook model into the air for their own mods I decided to give up frustrating myself and just go and make my own. This is a new model made from genuine Boeing General Assembly drawings. All the proper dimensions and British lumpy bits. The plan is to create the HC5 and 6 versions. The 'normal' version of the modern British Chinook HC2/2A/4 appears as the HC6 and the 'Fat Tank' HC3 appears as the HC5. All the previous incarnations of the British Chinook have since vanished having been upgraded to provide a standard avionics and cockpit layout across the fleet. I prefer to keep my life simple and don't plan on doing any retro Cold War versions so please don't ask. Anyway, as usual: "Its done when its done." Please don't ask for release dates as a poke in the eye tends to offend and I don't enjoy hurting people that often. Rock
  2. I've been a bit distracted this week. Focused on making objects and the like for my other project but here's a taste of that. #rksl #Arma3 Come join the RKSL Discord to see more https://discord.gg/YegMy24
  3. AW159 Wildcat -CRV,S

    Changed Status to Closed
  4. AW159 Wildcat -Airframe Bounce

    Yeah, its a known issue. Its down to xml tweaking on the AFM. Its been a problem for the last 3 versions. Everytime i tweak the it out changes to the mass and flight model bring it back. I'm not entirely sure whats actually causing it anymore.
  5. NOTE: Straight away let me say they project is a LONG WAY OFF. The sole reason I'm posting these screenshot is that the BETA was leaked a few weeks back. I've been told today that the model is being offered to at least two UK themed clans/mod teams. So by posting these pics I'm hoping that the next person that gets offered the model might recognise it as mine. The model is being offered in MLOD and FBX formats by a German lad, ~20 ish. Real name is Michael Farkas. aka "Faust", "Greeba" and "Luftmaan" One thing to note is the stolen model does not currently have the inflight refueling probe and has absolutely no UV unwrapping done in the cockpits. And a few other bits are also purposely missing. I'd appreciate anyone letting me know if they get offered it and by whom. Thanks Rock
  6. Hermes 450: Predecessor to the Watchkeeper. After some feedback (inc moaning) about the Watchkeeper. I'm going to release the H450 as an OPFOR/Guer/RES equivalent. #stockingfiller #wip #rksl #Arma3
  7. RKSL MQ-9 Reaper: Nearly finished the Pilot's HUD. Yes its in knots and feet! Get over it ? Should be ready for Santa #wip #rksl #Arma3
  8. The previous pics show an unarmed Reaper, but that doesnt mean I haven't added support for the weapons. #wip #rksl #Arma3
  9. Bit before 4am... Repaint of the unreleased RKSL MQ-9 Reaper. Still some materials tweaks to go but really happy so far. #wip #rksl #Arma3
  10. AW159 Wildcat -LESH TOWING MOD

    Changed Status to Closed
  11. AW159 Wildcat -LESH TOWING MOD

    Already fixed and update pushed Update: 27 Oct @ 12:18am Edit V3.073 - Fix for the Fix for the Fix FIXED - Towing point CHANGED - AFM damper values CHANGED - AFM drop tables. REMOVED - DARV Comm hooks
  12. I can recreate it. I'm just not sure how to fix it without ruining the flight models. I have a few ideas about this but i suspect it may not be fixable given how the geo on the helicopter and Lesh's towing works.
  13. AW159 Wildcat -CRV,S

    Well the sounds are the default BIS ones with exactly the same config settings. So that would suggest its an ACE issue not an RKSL one.
  14. I needed a testbed for somethings I'm working on and it kind of grew into yet another project. ? Inspired by @CovertShores amazing website http://hisutton.com its evolving into something fun and sneaky for #Arma3! #rksl #wip
  15. These seem to be appearing in the waters off Altis recently. #rksl #wip #Arma3 Small parts, all building to a greater whole. ?