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I offer a small addition to the LCVP mk5

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Dear Sirs from RKSL, is it possible to supplement the LCVP mk5 mod with a very similar type of ship - but with a much better known fate (one might say world-famous)? Specifically, the Soviet landing barge Pr.306 T-36 "Tankist", with autonomy of 49 days with a crew of 4 people. We are talking about a barge who committed a 49-day drift in the open ocean in 1960. True, the Soviet MDB is somewhat larger than the LCVP mk5, for it is designed for a load of 40-50 tons (one medium tank of the T-55 \ 62 type). I understand that you are usually engaged in the technique of the British army and navy, but looking at your mod I would very much like to see this vessel exactly in your performance - for the quality of the Mk5 is amazing. On the T-36, factory drawings were published in the public domain not so long ago (although very little in volume), and the ships themselves are still quite widely used by civilian owners in the Far East and Kamchatka. By the way, in Russia now there is a whole family of more modern landing ships with a ramp for disembarking on an un-equipped coast - starting from the practically identical with the T-36 DK (Landing Boat) Pr. 1176 Shark (NATO code - "Ondatra Class"), BDK (Rapid Amphibious Boat) Pr. 11771 “Serna” and the Big Landing Boat on the air duct Pr.21820 “Dyugon»/«Ataman Platov” - although the latter is very large - it can hold up to 5 armored personnel carriers of the type BTR-80. I think for OPFOR such ships will be just right (well, except for the last one: too large, and there are practically no decent blueprints for it, unlike the two first ones - one photo from different exercises)

I apologize in advance for "machine" English - for translation from Russian.



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I think that's possible.  I've been looking for a modern equivalent to the LCVP for a while.

If you can get me some pictures of the wheelhouse interior then that will make things easier.  But you have given me some brilliant references. Thank you.

I was looking at https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ondatra-class_landing_craft  But I cant find much reference pictures for it on the net.



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Well, I’ll look at the "Balanser" forum" — the largest place in Russia for ship modelers from all over the USSR.  There you can even come across authentic blueprints of nuclear-powered cruisers like the "Kirov" ... :)  First, the remnants of the "Tankman’s"  drawings, and a separate archive of  " Shark \ Ondatra".  Then lay out what I have on the "Serna" and "Dugong" (well, so - for a complete set)





Here are the archives of factory drawings of Soviet river civilian and auxiliary vessels of the USSR Navy:



A small archive of Soviet \ Russian landing barges:


P.S. Alas, the Soviet / Russian naval sailors are extremely reluctant to photograph the logging, their equipment, and, in general, the interior of their ships. So it seems like a small problem with internal views.

P.S.S.  And one more small addition - this time concerning ground-based aviation equipment - if the RKSL has an airfield tractor and various auxiliary facilities. Archive with ground airfield equipment of the Soviet \ Russian production. In one of the folders, there are simply photographs of ground-based service vehicles (which were supplied to various foreign countries along with aviation technology, including in Africa). in the remaining folders - airfield tractors. Heavy - BelAZ-6411, BelAZ-7421 \ 74212, and the newest BelAZ-74270. And also the super-heavy MoAZ-7915, designed for towing such aircraft as the AN-124 Ruslan. Various 3D models from different games are attached to them (which I found on the Internet). The second category is deck tractor for aircraft carriers. The first Soviet deck tractor KT-1, created on the basis of the most massive Soviet forklift LZA-4045 (in the archive is its game model from the game "SpinTires"), which itself was widely used as an airfield vehicle. A deck tractor KT-1 was used on antisubmarine cruisers Pr.1123 "Condor" - such as "Moscow" and "Leningrad" (NATO code - "Moskva class"). The second deck tractor is the “Product 3913”, a special built tractor for aircraft carrying cruisers Pr.1143 “Krechet” - (“Kiev-klass” according to the NATO code). And so is our current "floating nightmare," the horror of all environmentalists in Europe (and not only them - politicians in the west also shakes with fear when it arrives :) ) and the unsuccessful nightmare of Greenpeace, the most unfortunate ship of the Russian fleet - TAKR "Admiral of the Fleet of the Soviet Union Kuznetsov." In the archive, perhaps all the available photos of this tractor are a little different from series to series, but on the whole this machine is quite simple to model.



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And I'm probably a bit of a theme will continue, adding new materials. So:

I am seen among development RKSL a "patrol boat," the truth in the beginning stages of creation. There to it and worthy of "the opposition".

1) Boat Pr.1400 "Griff" (NATO classification: English Zhuk class).. One of the most popular Soviet patrol boats, very well supplied throughout the world - and still is in service with about twenty countries from Cuba to to the island of Mauritius. It has many options for weapons and equipment, excellent navigability ... In short - a very good boat, and fits perfectly into the gameplay ArmA 3.



2) anti-sabotage boat Pr.21980 " Young Rook " ("Грачонок"). One of the newest Russian Navy combat boats. Arguably the best in its class in the world. Enough mass series - twenty units already in service, and at least as much, it is planned to build in the near future. Given the presence of ArmA 3 divers, saboteurs - a boat definitely need! :)



3) And perhaps the most interesting unit - Landing-Assault Boat (Десантно-Штурмовая лодка - ДШЛ) Pr. 02800. The newest combat boat of the Russian Navy. Included in the group of cutter operations on the corvette project 22160 and combat icebreakers Project 23550. Now, there are 6 units in service (according to other sources for 10). Armored, can be armed with machine guns KPVT or "cord" is very maneuverable, works well in shallow water. Again, the same is almost ideal for ArmA 3.



Well, actually a reference to a common file with the boats according to the materials. Alas, on DSHL Pr.02800 materials is not as much as would be desirable, but there is a great movie channel "Star" from the series "Military Acceptance" - there is a boat described in great detail.


Film about DSHL Pr.02800 on Youtube:


Скачать видео
Скачать видео
Скачать видео
Скачать видео
Скачать видео

And clip from the manufacturer:

Скачать видео
Скачать видео
Скачать видео
Скачать видео
Скачать видео


Well, a little bonus - the archive with the schemes of Soviet (and not only - there are American counterparts) mikrovertolotov. Given the popularity of various "vyzhivalnyh" mods to ArmA 3 - such a vehicle may come in handy. It can even be folded into a backpack if required. By the same modeling of such "helicopter" is not very difficult - I think someone may be interested. By the way, the archive is a book about the work obytnye student design bureau at the MAI - Moscow Aviation Institute. And they have developed not only aircraft and midget submarines but the "wet" type, and more. I think it will be interesting. In addition, the archive contains a picture with a pair of small vehicles of various kinds.



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