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Puma HC1 -Taking damage when landing, seems a bit excessive.

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I will preface this by saying I only have a manual for the SA-330J, not the Puma HC.1, so it might just be that the 330J is more durable irl, if so feel free to tell me I'm a fucking retard.

I've done some flying with the Puma now, and keep encountering the same issue, when doing a standard clear area landing (in this case on a runway because I'm still learning the heli), I keep ending up in a spectacular fireball that wouldn't look entirely wrong in a Michael Bay movie. 

The landings have all been almost exactly as outlined on pages 66 and 67 of this SA-330J manual http://www.avialogs.com/viewer/avialogs-documentviewer.php?id=1960 , which I understand is for a different variant of the aircraft. AFM settings in game are as follows:
Show Gauges: ON
Rough Landing: OFF
Wind Effects: ON
Auto Trim: OFF
Stress Damage: ON

The wheel brakes are off, landing gear extended, and descent rate at touchdown is minimal. I see no reason for the aircraft to do it's best impression of an IED at any stage.

Damage sustained during landing in a rough timeline is as follows (all times from wheels touching down, in seconds

+0.2 ENG Red
+0.5 ENG, SLG, MROT Red
+0.7 ENG, SLG, MROT, ATRQ, HULL, INST Red, Smoke coming out of exhausts on both sides
+1.3 Fire starts coming out of both exhausts
+1.9 Aircraft explodes and goes into destroyed state.

Mods loaded are Puma HC.1, RKSL Airfield Support Tug, Lesh's Towing mod.

Addendum: Testing reveals that the speed at which the aircraft starts taking damage while taxiing/doing a rolling takeoff/landing is 23kt.

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Ok I've just pushed a new version onto Steam and this website.  It fixes a problem with interacting (and taking damage from them) with Physx and Roadway object.  Try that and let me know how you go on.


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19 hours ago, the_pilot_cat said:

Thanks. It now behaves as expected, love it when mod devs listen to their tickets, that's kinda rare sadly.

Well I broke it :)  I should fix it :P

Im glad it works and thanks for feeding back.

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