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  3. Wildcat HMA Mk2

    Yes they are going on the LCVP. The final planned update for the LCVP has me fixing a few things and some texture tweaks and adding in a version with the GPMGs on the shielded mounts. Personally i dont like them. They are so hard to use when its rough as they aren't as flexible as FFV turrets In testing no one wanted to use them but you can see for yourself soon.
  4. Wildcat HMA Mk2

    Since you've made an all new GPMG model, do you think you'll be slapping it on the Mk5 as well? Or are you done and dusted with that?
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  6. Wildcat HMA Mk2

    Ah... nice twitter banner!
  7. Wildcat HMA Mk2

    Amazing you can actually do something like that. I'll search FB and Twitter. Thanks for the update.
  8. Wildcat HMA Mk2

    LMAO the BI "wildcat" has been triggering me since i first saw it in ArmA2. You are not alone. My Wildcat is coming along slowly. its at the frustrating stage of fixing all the niggles and bugs is just taking time. Often fix a bug and 3 more popup. I'm just doing the guns and the last few modelling and config bits. You can see some of the later updates on Twitter or Facebook. I've had to make a whole new GPMG for it. Same with the M3M. It is dependant of my free time and motivation. Both of which depend on the day.
  9. Wildcat HMA Mk2

    Hi. I was excited to see you developing a proper Wildcat HMA as I find the one I already have in game a little OCD triggering! Is it stalled indefinitely or are you planning on publishing it? I am not sure if you need anymore info in it (I can possibly help if you PM me).
  10. Making HAM - HX Trucks Family Update

    Ah! ok. There was a proposal put forward for a Palletised Tomahawk battery a while back. Bit like the Exocet Coastal defence batteries. I did wonder. Its a shame that the ArmA game engine does not support towing else i would have made a trailer for it already. There are some towing solutions out there but they are scripted and lag like nobody's business at any sort of speed.
  11. Making HAM - HX Trucks Family Update

    Nice. The MMT stands for Medium Mobility Trailer which is a custom built trailer that connects to our hx77 tractor unit. I look forward to trying out these models.
  12. Making HAM - HX Trucks Family Update

    Thanks Srap. I'm pretty close to pushing out the initial BETA. I'd be interested in what you think of the performance and handling. A couple of mates have given me a tonne of reference pics. Once the Phase 1 pack is out I may expand the scope of the phase 2 pack if there is a demand and i can make something practical. HAM Phase 1 HX60-Troop, HX60-Flatback/viv, HX58-Flatback, HX58-UST, HX58-Magic Ammo Carrier, HX77-Magic Repair HX77-Static EPLS ViV Phase 2 HX77- Hopefully fully working EPLS - Physx system HX77- CAMM/Landceptor HX77- Giraffe 3D SX45- Wrecker Is the MMT version you mention the proposed Multi Mission Tomahawk package? I didn't think it was past the drawing board stage.
  13. Making HAM - HX Trucks Family Update

    This is very nice work. As someone who is currently serving in the New Zealand Army and a truckie by trade, the precision and detail in to your models is impressive. I use these vehicles pretty much everyday from HX60 to HX77 and soon HX77 MMT. Capability is amazing with the HX variants including cranes, winches, etc. If you would like more information to expand your range and knowledge on these vehicles. Hit us up.
  14. Foxhound -Front wheel clip

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  21. Foxhound -Bisign Key issues.

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  22. Foxhound -Bisign Key issues.

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  23. Foxhound -Bisign Key issues.

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  24. I offer a small addition to the LCVP mk5

    Well, I’ll look at the "Balanser" forum" — the largest place in Russia for ship modelers from all over the USSR. There you can even come across authentic blueprints of nuclear-powered cruisers like the "Kirov" ... First, the remnants of the "Tankman’s" drawings, and a separate archive of " Shark \ Ondatra". Then lay out what I have on the "Serna" and "Dugong" (well, so - for a complete set) http://forums.airbase.ru/2005/01/t32975--otechestvennye-desantnye-korabli.html http://forums.airbase.ru/2012/10/t86876--desantnye-katera-proekta-1176-tipa-akula.html http://forums.airbase.ru/2011/07/t81971--desantnyj-kater-proekta-11770-serna.html http://forums.airbase.ru/2009/09/t68501--desantnyj-kater-proekta-21820-dyugon.html Here are the archives of factory drawings of Soviet river civilian and auxiliary vessels of the USSR Navy: https://cloud.mail.ru/public/J2ki/YkGNDFGY4 https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/0B2Kdf2Y-4QRxN1VTaUhpS0tKS0U A small archive of Soviet \ Russian landing barges: https://yadi.sk/d/O6BNceu5dJ7eMA P.S. Alas, the Soviet / Russian naval sailors are extremely reluctant to photograph the logging, their equipment, and, in general, the interior of their ships. So it seems like a small problem with internal views. P.S.S. And one more small addition - this time concerning ground-based aviation equipment - if the RKSL has an airfield tractor and various auxiliary facilities. Archive with ground airfield equipment of the Soviet \ Russian production. In one of the folders, there are simply photographs of ground-based service vehicles (which were supplied to various foreign countries along with aviation technology, including in Africa). in the remaining folders - airfield tractors. Heavy - BelAZ-6411, BelAZ-7421 \ 74212, and the newest BelAZ-74270. And also the super-heavy MoAZ-7915, designed for towing such aircraft as the AN-124 Ruslan. Various 3D models from different games are attached to them (which I found on the Internet). The second category is deck tractor for aircraft carriers. The first Soviet deck tractor KT-1, created on the basis of the most massive Soviet forklift LZA-4045 (in the archive is its game model from the game "SpinTires"), which itself was widely used as an airfield vehicle. A deck tractor KT-1 was used on antisubmarine cruisers Pr.1123 "Condor" - such as "Moscow" and "Leningrad" (NATO code - "Moskva class"). The second deck tractor is the “Product 3913”, a special built tractor for aircraft carrying cruisers Pr.1143 “Krechet” - (“Kiev-klass” according to the NATO code). And so is our current "floating nightmare," the horror of all environmentalists in Europe (and not only them - politicians in the west also shakes with fear when it arrives ) and the unsuccessful nightmare of Greenpeace, the most unfortunate ship of the Russian fleet - TAKR "Admiral of the Fleet of the Soviet Union Kuznetsov." In the archive, perhaps all the available photos of this tractor are a little different from series to series, but on the whole this machine is quite simple to model. https://yadi.sk/d/s37J_Fn61Rx-Iw
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