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    Bisign Key issues.

    • Version: 3.100 Closed Bug Report Severity: Low - Just annoying
    TheNightstalk3r 9 hours ago  
    also the mod has key/bisign issues. Mutliplayer server with key verifications will not allow this mod. Can you please redo these keys?
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    TheNightstalk3r 23 hours ago 
    I have found the key issue. The Devs of 3CB BAF have made a grave mistake naming a key rksla3.bikey in their own (presumably because it uses assets created by you) and did not realise that it will override all your keys when used on the same server.

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    FWIW, the 16AA just appends the current date to all the keys we generate to prevent issues like this and to save us from having to worry about version numbers. Private keys aren't supposed to be re-used between versions (in fact, it's a little more secure if you dispose of them as soon as you generate the signatures, as it means that that version can never be altered).

    It might be wise to adopt a different filename for every mod you make so that server owners can decide which of your modifications they want to allow.

    How do you currently sign your addons? CBA's build process would take care of much of this for you, as would HEMTT if you're brave enough to try it - https://github.com/synixebrett/HEMTT. I'd be happy to share my own signing scripts but they rely on a pretty esoteric Cygwin setup.

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    No we are good.  The new RKSLStudios2019 key serves its purpose very well. 

    And generating a new key per release only adds to the problems of Key downloading on the current A3 Server software and steam.  By doing that all you are really doing is screwing over the end users. ;)

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