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June 2014 - Getting Armoured



DK posted a few teasers over this last month. So its Chally2 time as promised. And a preciously unseen bonus. Well unseen if you arent part of several UK themed Game Units. The AS-90 makes its first 'proper' public outing.

Right, basically DK has taken over the entire Challenger MBT project. Taking the unfinished, undetailed base model that Rock made way back when and started fixing it up. Changing so much that it may as well be a new model. And hes been cracking on with the AS90 too. More of that later...

"Possibly one of the most anticipated addons in the ArmAverse".

RKSL3 Chally 2

There are three or four other people out there making Challenger 2s. We started making ours aaaaages ago, so why stop now?

Anyway, as some will be aware DK is a real life Tankie and something of a detail-monkey wanted to pick up the challenge(r) and try to make one specifically for the RKSL and UKAF collection.

RKSL3 Chally 2

The model in the renders is obviously the Hi-Poly version. Coming in at nearly 100,000 faces its a bit of a beast even before he's gotten around to detailing the turret. As you can imagine with over 30,000 faces in the tracks alone its never going to get in game like that but it will be used to bake the detail onto the Low-poly models.

DK has gone to town getting in as much detail as he can before poor Rock has to unwrap and texture it all.

RKSL3 Chally 2

"Have you ever seen an arse like that!?"

The aim of course is to get it down to about 16-22,000 faces but we will be using proxies for extras and misc detail.

RKSL3 Chally 2



The bonus bit here is the AS90

DK was working on this for a while before joining the RKSL Team but he needed a little help "to get it that last mile" as they say. Kiory had been helping with all the rigging and the track model and textures.

So when DK rocked up with a UV mapped and mostly textured model he got Rock to tweak the recoil anims...


The plan is to try and make an AI friendly version and then a more advanced Fire Control System later on. Together with a few other features.. :)



Rock being picky then decided to "fix" a few other things and re-bake the textures. So you could say that its one step back and hopefully a giant stumble forward in textures.


He managed to remap the turret uv tile with a higher texel count (pixels per area) so that should give us a much better normal map. It looks a bit naff right now but these are just bump mapped materials that will look quite a bit different after the baked normals are put in place.


It is obviously all very WIP but right now Rock says he is enjoying the texturing so hopefully it will all come together into something special... eventually.



Thats all for the moment. Keep an eye on the RKSL website for more details.


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