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March 2014 - RKSL 3 - A New Start

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So BIS have released all the tools, Rock's got his life back and has an internet connection that actually works 24/7 and is actually faster than the Postman...So we're back.  After a 6month hiatus for personal reasons things have finally settled down and we're slowly starting to pick up where we left off.  To that end I am delighted to announce that we will soon(tm) be releasing the ArmA3 native Typhoon v3.000.

Look whats coming

All the joys of ArmA3 features and the usual RKSL ones...

  • Fully working mirrors
  • BIS flares
  • Engine & Smoke effects
  • PhysX support
  • Tweaked Flight model
  • Improved Air Weapons Pack
  • All previous ArmA2 plugins brought over to ArmA3

And a few more...

Look whats coming


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Will WIP Wednesdays be returning?
A: Yes but only once at the end of each month.  As much fun as they were they turned into a bit of a monster in terms of time to prepare and publish. They took quite a lot of time away from the actual act of making content which wasnt the point.

Q: Will you be bringing all the old RKSL content over?
A: Yes, eventually.  One by one we will port the existing models over and include the new ArmA3 features.  The first releases will be direct ports with the basic A3 features etc.  Later releases will see improvements or in some cases new models.

Q: What about new content?
A: Yes there will be some new content but we are going to focus ont he stuff we have shown you already in the previous WIP Wednesdays.

Q: When are you going to release XXXXX addon(s)
A: If you've been hanging around in this community long enough you already know the answer to that.  If you are new... (Old timers all together now)... "When its done!!"  :P

Q: Whats happening with IAP? (Ilhas Africanos Project)
A: We'll create a new thread for that at the appropriate time.

Thats all for the moment. Keep an eye on the RKSL website for more details.

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