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Week 18 - 2013 - Serious Words and Guess who #2

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I don't really know how else to approach this. I am getting a bit pissed off with ArmA3 and the PMs/emails from people porting our stuff over and expecting it to work in the ALPHA perfectly.

RKSL Studios does not support any unofficial ports of our addons into ArmA3.

    1. Guess what kids it doesn't work! And It wont work bug free either! ArmA3 doesn't NOT support all the same features as ArmA2 yet. Nor does it share all the same class names.
    1. NO we arent going to fix it so it works in ArmA3 ALPHA any time soon no matter how many times you make demands and threats.

Ever since some muppet put a video of the Typhoon in ArmA3 I've been inundated with demands to fix it. I've even come across at least 10+ people hacking the addon to "fix" it and distributing it to all and sundry. Some even had the balls to come and ask me for the MLODS so they can do it themselves. I've spent nearly all of the last 3 weeks replying to emails and chasing down the hosts for these edited copies.

Guys please don't edit the PBOs. It causes so many problems for us that it just destroys my enthusiasm for making public releases.

And please just hold off using our stuff in ArmA3 until all the features are supported and we OFFICIALLY release an ArmA3 version.

Back to the plan

Ok this week I've had a lot to choose from. I've been travelling a lot again which means I've been lurking in airport lounges and trains for hours on end. Which means I've had quite a lot of time to get some work done. Mostly unwrapping though, which I hate. But it has been a very productive time with 3 projects almost completely unwrapped and ready for texturing. I've even managed to make a start of the Typhoon v2.6 (A2/CO final version) documentation.

Since last weeks little game ended so abruptly and I haven't finished the renders for this week's effort I thought we'd try for something harder.

Guess Who #2

This is a very hard one. So I'm going to give some clues.

  • Its not in British service
  • It is going to feature in IAP but could well be of interest to several other mods.

So here's a few more clues:

  1. Its not or will (most likely) never be in the UK service.
  2. Its large but not too large.
  3. It started "life" as something less "warlike" (In the real world)
  4. Its quick.

And here is another picture...



Evodan got it...

I thought this one would run for the week but I think the 2nd pic gave too much away :?

Anyhoo... more pics:


Flax can now spill his guts 

It is a JHSV obviously still very much in WIP. I still need to add everything below the waterline, some external details and the ramp etc on the rear. It has an enterable interior and with PhysX could be mobile aswell.

The "plan" is that it will feature in IAP as part of a side campaign that Flax wanted to get into.

Outside of that I saw it as a mobile base for small teams and an interesting "modern" warship to make for the IAP (2020+) time frame that could 'happily' cross over into the Fantasy Alternate reality of ArmA3.

Anyway, Im going to have to sort the next WIP out sooner than I thought...  I would have bet it would run all week.

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