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Building Carriers - A new Partnership



If you follow any of our social media or are part of the RKSL Discord you may have already seen some or most of these. But may not understand whats actually going on.

Recently MikePhoenix approach me asking about doing a joint project. A completely new Queen Elizabeth carrier.  Something we both think the game needs.  The more British kit the better.


Now this is a big project.  Its over 280m long, 73m wide, Is a bloody awkward shape to model and it's going to use a lot of polygons.  Mike and I are splitting the load between us.  Mike is doing the two islands and I'm doing the hull.  After that we are sharing the load and making parts and details as needed.




 To answer some of the questions people have already asked.

Q1) Will he have a hanger deck?
A1) Yes.

Q2) Will it have capaults?
A2) Yes and no.  The real carrier does not.  but due to game engine/AI limits there will probably have to be a "'mock' catapult so that mission makers can launch planes etc.

Q3) Does the ramp actually work?
A3) Yes. But there are limits.  Planes either need to be given reinforced landing gear and setup for it or be speed limited to prevent explosions.

Q4) Will it be moveable?
A4) No, its simply too big its a static object just like the BI Carrier.

Q5) Will it have all the rooms and bays?
A5) Nope.  it's just too much work to do that.  but it will have some keys areas, the Hanger deck, briefing rooms. Boat bays and other practical areas.

Q6) Is it going to be armed?
A6) Yes, Phalanx, 30mm Cannon, GPMG and if we get time M134 Miniguns.

Q7) Do we get an F-35B with it at release?
A7) Probably not at the same time.  But there is one coming.

Check out Mike's Twitter for updates from him https://twitter.com/MikePhoeniX  and mine from me. https://twitter.com/RKSL_Rock

And feel free to join our discord channels for the latest stuff.

RKSL Discord - https://discordapp.com/invite/YegMy24

Mike's Polygon Factory - https://discord.gg/nxxMRZG

Thanks for looking.

Mike and Rock


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