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September 2014 - Jumping in the Harrier



RKSL3 - Harrier GR9After a few weeks of muddy things we're back to working with aircraft again.  One of Rock's childhood favourites.  Harrier GR9.

He'll freely admit, all the recent ArmA2 Harrier ports inspired him to drag this model out of the archive and push to get it finished to an A3 "standard" (Im still not 100% sure what that really is Cool)

Returning to the principle of: "A picture speaks a thousand words" from earlier weeks.  How about a video with a few thousand words...Well Rock waffling for twelve minutes?







A bit of a History Lesson

Rock first made a Harrier GR7 model in 2006 in OFP as a platform for a new VTOL system.  Originally for the OFP based 1982 Falkland Mod. It evolved into - for the time - a very complex scripted setup but as we continued development we also found out some MP issues.  Nothing too serious, but it definitely wasn't ready for public release and after several frustrated attempts to sort it out we both put it aside and focused on the Cargo System and other addons for the moment.  Sadly we never got back to it until ArmA2 with its native support for VTOL.  Even then I didnt have enough interest to re-visit it properly.

DON'T GET TOO EXCITED! I uploaded this video to illustrate a couple of features i'd like to bring to the new A3 Harrier.  We aren't going to directly port this particular system but you may well see the features shown here appear in the ArmA3 incarnations. 

The Harrier model, much like the real thing went through a number of incarnations before settling down and becoming a bit more stable. The model in the video below is V7.31.

  • 7.XX - because its the seventh model version.
  • X.3X - because its tweaked for A3
  • X.X1 - because its the first config version in A3

But it was remade, re-unwrapped and re-configured that even though it may look similar, over time it really did become a new model.  By the time you get it the completed addon will probably be marked 3.xx1 so its probably best not to read too much into any version numbers.  They mean something for me but it may not always be logical to you.



 More details will follow.  Have fun.

Thats all for the moment. Keep an eye on the RKSL website for more details.


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