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Formerly Known as "WIP Wednesdays".  Now its probably best to think of this as "When we get chance Wednesday".

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I was rather disappointed to discover that the recent UKF Challenger 2 update by DK was ACE2 only. Since Im not an ACE user it left me without a tank for one of our new joint ventures. So I thought I'd make one.


Pathy - the original author - has previously given me permission to modify the UKF model if I wanted but with ArmA3 looming and the new texture and model standards And as DM was 'kind' enough to point out on the BIS Forums the UKF model is a bit out of scale and proportion I thought I'd try to make a new model.

Its really not that easy either. The turret is a nightmare when you get into it. Da12thmonkey pointed out a small issue on the internal dev forums, it took 3 1/2 hours to change in the end.


And before anyone screams "Finish X first!". Wait a while and you might understand why the Chally has become important....






















Well the main point of this project isn't really for addon purposes. At least 50-60% of the reasoning behind making it is to add some ground kit to my portfolio. Its easily 90% aircraft. The HP is more for render effect anyway. It is a bit easier to get the scale and proportion right when it all matches up. Baking it in the complete form means that the texture is perfectly aligned to Low Poly. Its important because the anim seems are occasionally visible due to the texture. It can be very obvious if you get it wrong.

You can see the complete discussion thread here.

Thats all for this week. More next Wednesday.



Its been 'kindly' pointed out to me on Skype that I havent teased anyone with previously unseen addons this year (so far)

So I thought i'd better accede to the request:



















And to prove its an addon and not just a model... there we go, in-game and flying. Remember though its a still a work in progress.



Have fun. I am.


UPDATE: Typhoon v2.0

Just a quick extract of the key additions/changes:

  • Refined/Improved Flight model.
  • Improved AI use.
  • Re-developed HUD and MFD displays.
  • Pylons are now configurable.
  • You can choose between 1 and 7 pylons. (See Pics below)
  • All national versions are supported by "Plugins"
  • A plugin and texture template will be available at release.
  • National plugins have associated weapons (RKSL Air Weapons pack 1.6)



We've been asked for some national Typhoon Varients so we've tried to oblige. We will be releasing a texture and config template pack too, so you can make your own skins too.

Upcoming Typhoon V2.0 Plugins are:

  • Royal Air Force
    • 3 Squadron
    • 11 Squadron
    • 17 Squadron
    • 29 Squadron
    • 43 Squadron (OK its fictional - they didnt have Typhoons but it was a special request from a tech "consultant")
  • Austria
    • Generic Skin (neither Da12thMonkey or I could find any squadron specific markings other than numbers)
  • Germany
    • Generic
    • JBG31
    • JBG33
    • JG71
    • JG73
    • JG74
  • Spain
    • Generic
    • ALA 11
    • ALA 14
  • Italy
    • Generic
    • 9 Gruppo 4st
    • 10 Gruppo 36st
    • 12 Gruppo 36st
  • REDFor
    • Red #1 Air Superiority Blue/Grey Splinter Camo
    • Red #2 Ground Attack Green/Yellow/Brown Splinter Camo
  • Saudi Arabia
    • Generic
    • 10 Squadron
    • 29 Squadron

PLEASE NOTE: Big thank you to Da12thMonkey for making the international Squadron skins. He's made nearly all these plugins possible.


Just to show some progress in the Cockpit. I've replaced the old style HUD unit withthe correct TARDIS enabled version now and done some work on the rear seat.

Recently I've had a little break from the hectic life of ArmA2 modding. But, as they say, "All good things must come to an end". So i'm back to the joys of lighting errors and unwrapping.

So here we are again, Tonka cockpits. When i showed the first pics of screenshots of the model Da12thmonkey was kind(?) enough to point out i'd made the wrong HUD projectors for the latest GR4 airframe. (You have no idea how much time i spent on the f'ing thing) So i've now replaced the GR1/F3 model with the more up to date TARDIS (Tornado Advanced Radar Display Information System) version.




I think i've said it before, the Tornado is one of "those" hard to finish projects. You know, one of those jobs you need to do, but aren't really sure how you are going to finish it. Like so many people, i desperately want to finish the damn thing but its proving to be slow going. Not because Im not interested in it, but because I want to do it properly. So stick with me while I slog through the not-at-all-fun unwrapping and texturing.

Lets hope its going to be worth it in the end.


It's been a very long time coming but Typhoon v1.5 is nearing release. There has been some significant restructuring going on.

During the last year we've had lots of feedback. And i really do mean lots, and its still coming in. We've tried hard to respond to all of these comments and suggestions and I think the latest build we have represents a huge improvement in the addon.

Key Features

  • Improved HUDs - incorporating the Parallax enabled layers Improved
  • Flight models - improved stability and turn rates Improved AI compatibility - the AI now fly the aircraft properly and really do hold their own (kiss good bye to the SU-34 and SU-30s.)
  • Improved cockpit model Added Pylon system - change the number or configuration of the pylons
  • Improved textures Improved Afterburner textures End user made plugins now supported. New Sounds - courtesy of Rexeuk and BigPickle
  • User made plugin in Support



Typhoon Core and Plugins


Due to the number of requests we've had to make other national versions we've had to restructure the PBOs and classnames. To make it easier for people to get the version and only the version they want we've split the previous RAF class names away from the base/core PBO file. Each nation now has its own plugin PBO.

We've also changed the focus of the the Air weapons pack to include a much larger range of ordinance. Including, UK, NATO and Eastern Bloc weapons. This means that its now possible to more accurately tailor the load outs to fit your own national needs or create your own custom weapons fits.

We'll be providing config and texture templates for those that are interested in making their own versions and plugins so you can make your own clan/team specific version without affecting the core addon or having the need to ask for permissions (as long as you don't mess with the original PBO).



Phase 1 - Fixes and short reworks

  • Fixed up the currently available model
  • New Flight model/performance
  • Better AI performance
  • Various small model tweaks
  • slightly reworked cockpit
  • New MFD displays
  • New HUD setup
  • Improved HUD function and Targeting.
  • Split the PBO into a core file and a "plugin"
  • Added full support for texture swapping via config.
  • Added German Luftwaffe EF2000 plugin with German Language support.
  • Improved the Stringtable support for non-English speakers.
  • Improved the Weapons pack
  • Added to the weapons pack
  • Changed some config values
  • Various script upgrade
  • Added detach option to the break chute.
  • Brake chute automatically detaches over a set speed.

Phase 2 - Model Revamp - All of the above +

  • Improved model
  • Reworked Forward fuselage to correct for the odd blending and vent placement.
  • Split the main texture over two tiles now.
  • Increased the detail on the textures
  • Added support for Myke's leaning.
  • Improved Normal and RVMATs (rendered as opposed to drawn)

And more.


In my continued insanity I've done it again. After the claims against Myke's version of Footmunch's F-16 and as a favour to another friend I've made an F-16. Don't worry, its not impacting on the Tornado. It was planned like this, to be made in parallel etc. So when I get p'd off with one i can switch to another for a while. It also lets me work with some other contributors.

Anyway... how this will work:

I'm going to give the base model (minus the cockpit) to Myke so he can continue his "F-16 Evolution Project". And to develop as he wishes without any other claims on the IP.

RKSL will continue develop the model as well. WLD427 of PRACS will also be getting the source to some specific versions so he can update PRACS.







Just as a quick follow on to the UNN's comments about the UAV system:





There are also a number of improvments over the BIS UAV system:

  • You can actually lock the laser on to a target, then fine tune that lock. (No more knocking the mouse and losing the target)
  • The ability to get proper coordinates from the display of both your own and the targets positions.
  • Set custom waypoints with altitude.
  • You have the ability to take control and fly yourself if you so choose. (PLANNED)
  • the ability to set Laser 'frequencies' so that multiple laser designators can be used in the game area. Great for large MP games with multiple teams.
  • NO more dive bombing onto targets.
  • NO more target obsessed AI pilots that wont disengage.

And quite a few other things...



They arent much more than UNN has already shown but it does illustrate that all the features on the Display do actually work. Its not just set dressing. And unlike the stock BIS UAV interface this allows you to actually lock the cursor then adjust it properly onto target.

The display layout is modelled on a Reaper UAV but in theory you could adapt the layout to any system you like.

Eventually, we hope that it can be adapted to simulate Laser Targeting pods on RKSL aircraft like the Tornado and Typhoon too.


As I said before I've been busy even though ive spent most of the last week in hospital getting poked and prodded. I've had the time to make some new stuff and resurrect and complete some old projects:

This is what we call a "long term project". It development time will be significant and it is dependent on other scripted systems. So dont expect this to appear immediately.