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    By Rock,

    Ok so this is proving to be a pain in my ass.  Among the many other issues I'm fighting atm is the joy of animating ammo feed belts in Arma3.

    If you've never tried to do complex compound animations you probably won't understand the frustration.  If you have you are probably looking at the picture and thinking, 'masochist'.

    RKSL M3M Mounted for the Wildcat.


    Simply because its such a big visual feature of the AW159 Wildcat and AH9A.  This huge .50 Cal monster, stuck like a limpet, on the side of the helicopter is a visually striking and intimidating thing and I think it deserves and needs to be done properly. 

    ... at least in my sleep deprived mind anyway.

    4830087927_3c128d4001_o.jpgTHE NEXT GENERATION OF 50CAL

    The M3M Machine gun was brought in to British service to improve the effectiveness of the Lynx series of helicopters.  Equipping the Royal Navy's HAS3 and HMA8 naval Lynxes, Merlin HM2 as well as the British Army's AH9As in Afghanistan.

    The first British M3Ms to see service were mounted on the RN's airframes for drug interdiction operations in the Caribbean.  Where more than a few Drug Runners in Go-Fast Boats got a bit of a wake up call.

    The M3M is made by Fabrique Nationale Herstal (FN Herstal) the M3M system also features a soft pintle mount, spade grips, a feeding chute connecting the gun to a 600-round ammo box and a spent round chute. Classic iron sights are fitted on this gun. But night vision or other optical sights can also be fitted above the spade triggers.

    Chambered in the classic .50BMG (12.7x99mm) the M3M is a single barrel rapid fire machine gun specifically designed for helicopters.  Firing 1100 rounds per minutes out to a range of 2000 meters the M3M is an advancement on the classic Browning M2, thanks to a new open-bolt and dual recoil buffer design the weapon doesn't pass as much vibration to the airframe as the M2 does which makes using it on helicopters of all sizes so much easier and less dangerous for the aircrew.


    The first M3M equipped Lynx AH-9As were airlifted out to Afghanistan in May 2010 and begin support operations soon after.  This was the culmination of an 18 month Urgent Operation Contract that saw the upgrade of the AH9 airframe to improve the aircraft's "hot and high" performance as well at the attack and ISTAR capabilities of the type.  Something closer the spec of the Wildcat that would eventually come to replace it much later.

    Previously the largest caliber weapon the Lynx could mount was the 7.62mm GPMG machine gun.  The addition of the M3M meant that the AH-9A could now be used to escort troop carrying Merlin and Chinooks freeing up the British Army's Apaches to prosecute more pressing targets and support Troops in Contact elsewhere.


    Before the rivet counters (yes I am usually one too) chime in and start to heap criticism; yes there is some missing details.  This is because i'm trying to work out the basic functions and animations first.  Full detailing and fiddly bits will all come later.  Assuming I survive animating the ammo feed channel so it moves properly with the turret.

    And before people start to moan about specific of gun mounts and features, there are several different generations and iterations of the gun mounts in service out there.  The Lynx and Wildcat mounts both have subtle differences thanks to the different generations of products and experience in Afghanistan.  The Merlin HM2 has a different mount all together which is in-turn different that the mounts used by USN and USMC aircraft. 

    Whats the take away from this?  One size does not fit all kids.

    Recently I've been beset with 'forum-experts' telling me about the many, many things I have wrong.  As I hopefully proved on the BI Forums recently I really do try to do proper research and do actually seek the help of genuine experts in the field.  This input may sometimes be impractical to implement in game but I do try very hard to make things are realistic as the game engine (or my patience) allows.



    Anyway, its 0115GMT.  I've only had 2 hours sleep in the last 24 and I'm getting grouchy and I really do need my beauty sleep.

    Hope you like the updates.  If you have genuine questions please do ask.  I'll try my best to answer them.  If not I'll try not to be too sarcastic.

    Night all,


    6th Feb 18


  2. RKSL Team News

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    By Rock,

    RKSL Studios presents the Official Port of our Puma HC1.


    NOTE:  I'm not entirely happy with this release but im getting pretty frustrated with custom animations.  So much so i need a break from it, lest it get binned.  So I'm releasing it as a BETA and taking a little break from the project to work on fixes for the Foxhound and some other things.


    The Puma HC1 first entered service in 1971, and the RAF currently has a fleet of 34 aircraft available to the front-line Support Helicopter Force. The aircraft are operated by Nos 33 and 230 Squadrons, both based at RAF Benson. The combined Puma Force is separated into 5 operational flights and an operational conversion flight, which offers flexibility in its role with both desert warfare and arctic warfare specialist equipment available for fitting to the aircraft.




    RKSL Studios Puma HC1 Image Gallery



    RKSL Studios addons are distributed without any warranty; without even the implied warranty of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose. 
    The RKSL Studios addons are not an official Addon or tool. 
    The use of these addons (in whole or in part) is entirely at your own risk. 


    You may:

    DISTRIBUTION: You may distribute the original .PBO files within this download freely, so long as the PBO files are unmodified and the Readme and EULA files are included.

    Under the following conditions:

    • ATTRIBUTION: You must give the original author credit. The content of this archive is the sole intellectual property of RKSL Studios and its Creators.
    • NO COMMERCIAL USE: This content is provided free of charge solely for entertainment purposes. You may not use this addon for commercial, military or teaching/training purposes.
    • NO DERIVATIVE WORKS: You shall in no way modify, repackage or reverse engineer any of the archive's content and PBO files included in this download without first receiving prior permission from RKSL Studios.
    • NO VBS USE: Use of this SOFTWARE may not be used in the VBS/JCOVE product lines or any other simulator without written authorization from the LICENSOR (RKSL Studios)
    • DO NOT UPLOAD TO STEAM WORKSHOP: You may not upload to Steam Workshop or any other service that reassigns rights over RKSL Studios Intellectual Property to 3rd Parties.



    POLICY ON RE-UPLOADS FOR STEAM: Any uploads will be met with a DMCA takedown request.




    • RKSL Dynamic Rotor System
    • Sling Load Camera
    • Countermeasures
    • Sling loading upto 3000kg
    • Custom Advanced Flight model
    • Multiple paint schemes.
      • Flat NATO Green
      • 90's Two Tone Green
      • 90's Two Tone Snow
      • 70/80's Three Tone Green and Grey (Northern Ireland Scheme)
      • Tiger Meet 2005
      • United Nations White
      • Desert Pink '90/91
      • Fictional Dark Tiger
      • Fictional Royal Navy Coastal Scheme



    This model was first made in 2008.  And bar a few tweaks and fixes hasn't really changed too much.  The UV mapping and poly count were designed for the ArmA1 game engine. ArmA3 is far more capable and flexible than anything we had back then.  Which means that this particular model is not going to be developed any further.


    I will continue to support the release until the new models for the HC2 and AS330 Series helos comes online.



    • 100% new model.
    • HC2 varient including:
    • Full glass cockpit
    • Increased power to simulate the Turbomeca Makila engines, new gearboxes and tail rotors



    You can find the Puma under:

    • BLUFOR
      • UK Armed Forces
        • Helicopters
          • Puma HC1



    Things you need to know if you intend on flying the Puma to its limits..

    Speed and Limits:

    Vne = 257kph - Velocity Never Exceed.  This is the absolute max safe speed of the aircraft.  Going faster than this may result in damage to the airframe or loss of control.



    1. The Puma HC1 has a very high centre of gravity. Be careful when:
      1. taxiing
      2. during rolling landings.
      3. Max safe speed for rolling landing is 75kph
    2. Watch for loss of lift when making sharp braking turns.
    3. In AFM Try not to use too much rudder about 160kph.
    4. Similarly, be careful about pulling up rapidly and over torquing the main rotor. 


    We strive to make all our addons as realistic as the game engine and our own capabilities allow. This means that real world speeds and capabilities are simulated where possible.  Compromises have and will be made where necessary but we will not downscale or completely cripple an aircraft, system or weapon to fit into the limited spaces some ArmA maps provide.


    We genuinely believe that the manual operation of aircraft is a skill that should be interesting and fun.  Not every aircraft flies the same nor do they have the same capabilities. If you can't learn and adapt to change then stick with the vanilla equipment.


    The Puma has been designed from the ground up to use the Advanced Flight Model.  A lot of effort has gone into developing it, give it a try.  Its pretty forgiving and damage tolerant.  Take the time to learn it and you won't be disappointed.



    It has always been a basic tenant of RKSL Studios design philosophy not to negatively affect other community made content.  We do not replace core values or modify anything that will affect the function or experience of others.

    We are happy to discuss optional compatibility patches, but will not exclusively adapt our addons to anyone elses Mod standards. 

    All RKSL Content is tested against the currently available stable build of the Vanilla game and official expansions.



    Only milestones are mentioned.

    3.090 - Public BETA Release (largely due to frustration)

    3.085- Flight model and Damage Tweaks.

    3.075 - Removed custom anims

    3.068 - Added extra skins.

    3.059 - Custom Anims for Pilot and Gunners.

    3.045 - Rebuilt Turrets Config completely

    3.037 - Door Gun build and retexture.

    3.036 - Internal lighting test rig

    3.035 - External lighting

    3.034 - Advanced Flight Model hover trimming

    3.033 - Advanced Flight Model damage limits increase

    3.031 - Advanced Flight Model milestone power

    3.030 - Advanced Flight Model milestone

    3.025 - Advanced Flight Model reverted

    3.024 - Advanced Flight Model matlab calculated

    3.022 - Advanced Flight Model tweaks

    3.019 - Advanced Flight Model BIS02 adapted

    3.017 - Advanced Flight Model tweaks

    3.016 - 1st Advanced Flight Model attempt

    3.013 - Sling Load camera

    3.012 - Sling Load addition

    3.002 - Basic Flight Model tweaks

    3.001 - initial ArmA3 Port



    All known issues are recorded in the Foxhound Bug Tracker. If you find any problems please report them and help make these addons better.






    This addons and model is 100% unique and doesn't not incorporate any 3rd party content:

    • Model: Rock
    • Textures: Rock
    • Config: Rock
    • Testing:
      • Jamo of 4IB for helping understand the Rototlib/AFM setup.
      • The lads of DAR-V
      • Mathias aka ToxicLemon
      • Siddy for constant nagging.
    • Research & Information
      • British Army Website
      • Royal Air Force Website
      • Aerospatiale AS330E Flight Manual
      • Ministy of Defence Images
      • Ministry of Defence - Defence Equiment and Support - DeSider magazine
      • Gordon formerly of Westland Helicopters (RIP - 2014)
      • Stephen C ex RAF Master Aircrew
      • Oggy M - photo collection ex RAF Regiment
      • John ex 230 Squadron



    Jan 4th 2018



    1. @RKSL Studios - Puma HC1 v3.090
    2. @Steam Workshop - Puma HC1 v3.090
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    Recent Entries

    Ok now this is bugging the hell out of me.

    As a content creator I am protective over my own creations.  I spent thousands of hours making addons for free.  The least I should get is credit and respect yeah?  I feel strongly about the rights of other creators too.  Whether they are individuals, groups or corporations.  You make the effort, put in the hours you should get the rewards?  Whatever they are.  Sounds fair doesn't it?

    Have a read of this:  

    All things arma.PNG

    All Things ArmA III was one of my favourite Facebook ArmA groups.  I say was because reading Mr Jason Mulligan’s (the Page Admin) post just pissed me off.  He perfectly identifies himself as the typical selfish user.  He’s perfectly happy to take content no matter where is comes from.  F@%$ the hidden cost to the end user.  He’s an admin on one of the bigger ArmA Fan pages on facebook and look at his attitude.


    So what is the hidden cost?

    Content creators see this attitude and say “Why the hell am I bothering to release content when I get treated like this?"  (Its certainly how I feel.  I’m actually sorry I came back to the ArmA Community.)

    So what happens when genuine creators feel unappreciated, used and abused?  

    • They go underground and stop releasing Public content.
    • The only people left in the community are the end users and the thieves.
    • The knowledge base that was held by the older and wider community starts to vanish.
    • The people with all the knowledge don't bother posting and helping anymore.
    • The community standard goes down hill rapidly.
    • This leaves only the people willing to steal content.

    See where this is going?  If you are truly a fan of the ArmA series and the ArmA Community, you shouldn't tolerate theives.  You should support the decent addons creators.  They are the ones that make the mods you play with all the time.

    Without them, your experience is really going to change.

    Think about it.



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