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  1. I like this one too!!!!!!!!!!
  2. I like this one!!!
  3. Incoming!!!
  4. It is OK! I'll do what ever I can! Thank you very much!
  5. Thank you ! I may still have a lot a question about OFP to Arma. Arma's aircraft delete the draging-crosshair(red cycle), only keeping the attacking-crosshair (yellow cycle) that doesn't make arma more real,just make arma's plane more difficulty to operate! I wonder to know if there is a way to get our beloved draging-crosshair back?(you can see draging-crosshair is a standard setting in nowday's flying game,but BI,ah, how stupid they are ) ----------------------------------------------------- OK, about OFP ,have many files do you keep at present? do you have F22 ? ------------------------------------------------------ And I also want to know about, In multiplayer missions of Operation Flashpoint 1.96, the dead body of a human player will be ejected from the vehicle immediately(cars,aircrafts and so on),no matter the vehicle still alive or be destoryed It is also not an addon's CPP works, no matter there is a ejectdeaddriver,commander or someting in the CPP, you'll be eject anyway when you are dead I know the purpose of this design is to make the players get the equipments back after respawn(if dead body was not ejected, and the vehicle be destoryed,you will not retrieve any equipment). but now I have a MP missions and I need to disable this global setting, what should I do? I already tried code ejectdeadplayer=1;ejectdeadplayer=2;ejectDeadGunner = false; ejectDeadCargo = false; ejectDeadDriver = false; ejectDeadCommander = false; into the Description.ext, no working,not working
  6. I have downloaded and test it, old B2 were lack of animation, but have flares,but had a huge problem ——self-boom, just like the ugly B2 we currentty using(I found some addon DNA from your B2,so I guess the one I used was another degeneration copies ). the updated one ,no flares but it was ,indeed fix the self-boom,I don't know how to do that. the only question is, the entire B2 project seems like terminated forcly in a very short time,if the project contiunes, it will be an great addon! so ,do you really give up on OFP?
  7. wow,I never thought that you would respond so fast,OK, I'll download it and tell you the result! Sorry, there is a problem The page you are trying to access is not available for your account. Error code: 2C171/1 shit what hell is that?? I wonder to know if you can send to my email? my e-mail is
  8. I am an OFP player and need your help! do you still remember B-2A you made in OFP and you put an new on I am looking for the B2 bomber and never sucess, can you help to get that? thanks in advance~!